2021-2022 Budget Process Update

2021-2022 Budget Process Update

Budget Open House Zoom Meetings

1. Sunday, 04/18/21, immediately following breakout rooms

2. Sunday, 05/02/21, immediately following breakout rooms

First Budget Open House (last Sunday): This meeting is to present current income levels and budget requests. This allows our congregation to review the budget overall for the first time including the current significant deficit. We will be collecting feedback on changes desired for the second draft (income increases or expense changes). Please see the PDF that will be used in the live discussion on 04/18/21. Click the link below. Review the document before the meeting to start coming up with ideas before the meeting starts. Send ALL feedback to treasurer@uuce.org no later than 04/20/21.

Having the feedback in writing allows us to review and incorporate suggestions for the second draft and the final budget that will be presented in the Annual Meeting.

Second Budget Open House (05/02/21): This meeting is where the second draft of the budget will be presented. We will show the congregation changes in income and expenses based on the feedback we have received.

We will have tightened up our projected expenses for 2020-2021 to give us a more accurate idea of what our YE surplus will look like and how much will be rolled into income for 2021-2022. Please look for the email on or before 04/29/21 with a supporting pdf. The Finance Committee and Board of Trustees will meet on May 2nd, 2021 (following the Open House) to finalize the budget that will be included in the mailing prior to voting at the Annual Meeting. If you cannot attend this meeting Send ALL feedback to treasurer@uuce.org no later than 05/01/21.

Are you Eligible for Voting at the Annual Meeting?

Article IV. MEMBERSHIP Section 3. An active voting member of the church is any member who has reached the age of sixteen years and has made an unrestricted contribution of not less than $100.00 to the general operating fund, for which no goods or services were provided (hereafter “unrestricted contribution”) during the first eleven months of the twelve months preceding the annual meeting, except that the minimum unrestricted contribution shall be $40.00 for members aged 16 –21. Only those who have reached legal voting age, as defined by the State of Illinois, and have been active voting members for one year or more shall be eligible to vote on the following matters:

a) The election or dismissal of the Minister,

b) The dissolution of the Church,

c) Amendments to the By-Laws,

d) The sale, purchase, construction or transfer of real property.

Please make your contribution of record by Sunday 04/18/21 if you would like to be considered an active voting member for the Annual Meeting.

Click HERE for the link to the Budget pdf.

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