Posts from July 2024

Let’s Talk About Trash!

I would love to thank the many people who are already doing such a wonderful job of taking care of our spiritual home without even being asked – it really speaks to the integrity and interconnectedness of the community we’ve fostered here at UUCE! With that said, I have one minor request during the warmer months (and as needed). As I’m sure we can all agree, UUCE is a much more welcoming space when the air smells of the wildflowers…

Who to Contact About Our Website

If you have comments or questions about our website (, or you want to report an issue, please send our web team a message at The dedicated folks who work to keep our site relevant and functional will do their best to answer your questions and resolve your issues. Happy surfing!The UUCE Web-team

From Our Incoming Board President – Mike Moutrie

Dear Friends, As our new fiscal year begins, I thought it fitting that I share with you a few thoughts I have about the coming year. First, let me start with a bit about my history with our church. I’ve been a UUCE member since 2001, coming to the Unitarian Universalism (UU) faith after 17 years as a Baha’i. During these years I’ve served on numerous committees and teams including Finance, Building, Endowment, Auction and Executive Team. Dotty Carringi and…