Anderson Humane

In honor of deceased long time member Alice Macy, Anderson Humane was chosen by the Executive Team as the recipient of our Share the Plate collection for the month of January.

Bringing people and animals together for good.

For more than fifty years, Anderson Humane has been the leading animal welfare organization in our community. They have have been dedicated to creating positive connections between people and animals from day one because animals make us better!

Today, they place more than 4,000 pets into loving homes each year. Their innovative programs make the healing presence of animals available to seniors, veterans, and those in crisis.

Anderson Humane help pet owners provide the best care possible to their dogs, cats, rabbits, turtles, and other animals through free training and resources.

Every year, Anderson Humane cares for more than 3,000 injured and orphaned wild animals. Our classes, nature walks, summer camps, and other programs help people appreciate and preserve these animals and their natural habitat.

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  1. Sue Manago

    This month’s Share The Plate is near and dear to my heart.❤ Thank you, Executive Team, for choosing Anderson Humane organization, and for honoring Alice Macy.

    • Church Administrator Author

      Thank you, Sue, I will make sure the ET see your message. Anderson is also dear to me.

      Mila Brinker

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