From Our New Religious Education Coordinator Susan Goldberg

From Our New Religious Education Coordinator Susan Goldberg


I am delighted to be writing you as the Coordinator for Religious Education at UUCE. As it happens, I was an RE teacher here for a while way back in the 1990s, but since then my time with kids has been mostly about either tutoring or being a grandma. In any case, I still have both feet in the water, and it seems I’m about to wade in even deeper! I want to thank you for trusting me and the RE Team with your children.

Speaking of Team, we need volunteers! Ideally, we should have two teachers per classroom (there are two) to lead the lessons, crafts, and activities. Teachers could rotate and just teach every other week, or according to whatever schedule they agree to. And we need helpers to be extra hands and heads as we go along. The younger children’s classroom is on the second floor, and the older kids will be up in the 3rd floor couch room, so we need helpers on both floors. Raise your hands!

Most importantly, we need RE students to sign up. We will provide an hour of meaningful learning and activities. We will use the kid’s version of the Seven Principles as our guide throughout the RE school year. Once we get a team together, we will choose a curriculum, but in the meantime there are lots of things we can study, discuss, and do.

This Sunday we will have a table set up outside the sanctuary for registration and for volunteers. Please stop by! I look forward to working together this year.

Cheers, Susan

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