Ethnic Eating Update

Three of us finally made the trip to Waukegan for a taste of Belize. The food was well worth the trip – both the appetizers and entrees. The ambiance was decidedly lacking so I don’t recommend it for a romantic evening. Since we were after taste anyway, we were all very satisfied with January’s selection.

For February, we will be sampling food of the country of Benin. We will be going to Qaato African Restaurant at 7118 N Clark Street in Chicago on Saturday, February 17th at 2:30. This restaurant is closed on Sundays so we selected a midafternoon time to avoid any lunchtime rush and still be able to get home before dark. Please let me know of your interest in joining us by February 11th by text at 847-243-3820 or by email at

In March we will sample the seafood of Bermuda at Port Edward Restaurant in Algonquin, IL, on March 14. This will enable us to eat comfortably before the indigestion of Tax day sets in.

In April, it’s Bhutan. 

I hope one (or all) of these excursions will appeal to you. Join us.

Dan Hislip

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