Alice Macy’s Gift to UUCE

Alice Macy’s Gift to UUCE

Alice Macy was a long-time, beloved, and generous member of our church. After her death in April 2022, Alice left a significant financial gift to UUCE. Included with her gift was a letter to the UUCE Board of Trustees that stipulated how she wanted her gift to be used, specifically for maintenance of, or improvements to our UUCE building, grounds, or parking lot. She also requested the formation of a committee to oversee how her gift, which totaled $73,666.39, and is currently held in our Maintenance Reserve Earmarked Fund, would be spent and to oversee its dispersal.

A committee, called the Alice Macy Gift Team, was assembled and has already met twice, once in December and again in January to supervise the use of this gift. Team Members are Steve Askins, Mila Brinker, Dan Brosier, Mary Harlos, Joe Masonick, Mary Alice Masonick, Mike Moutrie, Steve Stultz, Kevin Sweeney, and Todd Underwood.

At the first two meetings, we reviewed the UUCE Gift Acceptance Policy and revisited the policies and procedures created for the Maxine Saunders financial gift, which had no restrictions on it. Then we began the discussion of creating policies and procedures needed to oversee this gift including: how a proposal is made, what criteria need to be evaluated before approving or rejecting proposals, and how funds to pay for the proposal are released and distributed.

In addition, we are investigating ways to invest these funds to increase the value of the gift until the money is needed. We also began the discussion of more specific uses of funds. The two leading candidates at this time are: replacing furnaces with heat pumps and replacing or repairing all or sections of the parking lot.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please reply to Joe Masonick, either by email at:, or by phone or text at: 847-650-7992.

The next meeting of the Alice Macy Gift Team is February 19.

Thank you – Joe Masonick, Alice Macy Gift Team

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