Instructions Instructions

Below are the instructions for navigating our primary UUCE Service Auction system at If you have any issues or questions, please feel free to reach out to!

Logging into the website:

  1. Visit our auction website at 
  2. Click the “Login” link in the upper right-hand corner of the screen 
  3. Enter your phone number (with the dashes) and your pin.  Unless you changed it, your pin is probably the last four digits of your phone number. 
  4. NEW MEMBERS – if you enter a phone number that isn’t in our database, you’ll see a link pop-up that says, “I’m new – Add Me – Click here if you don’t see your name listed”.  Click that link and enter the information it asks for

Re-offering something you’ve donated/hosted in previous years:

  1. Click the blue “Donate” button
  2. Just under the “Donate a new item” link is a box labeled “Other Years” with “2019” in it.  Click “2019” to see your 2019 auction statement – including your purchases (at the top) and your donations (at the bottom).  You can continue clicking in the “Other Years” box to view previous years as well. 
  3. When you scroll down to the items you donated, you’ll see an “Offer Again” link.  Click that link and it will copy the information into a new donation form.  Edit the parts that need editing (e.g. the date and second chance raffle) and then click Save.    

Entering a new item (not offered in previous years):

  1. Click the blue “Donate” button at the top of the screen and then click the blue “Donate a new item” link and fill in the appropriate information 
  2. If you are offering a physical item that the person will take home the night of the event, click the “Winner takes it home auction night” box 
  3. If you are hosting an event (e.g. a home cooked dinner), enter the number of guests in the “Qty” box.  If you want to host 8 but could squeeze in a ninth guest, check the “Could you take one more?” box.  (This lets the auctioneer know he has some wiggle room if you have a popular event with lots of bidding.) 
  4. For tax purposes, enter the Estimated Value of the item/seat.  If it’s a meal or activity, estimate what you’ll spend per person. 
  5. If you want to set a minimum bid or a fixed price, there are options to do that. 
  6. IMPORTANT – the date field does two things.  First, it adds it to the auction calendar so other people don’t plan their events at the same time as you.  (You should also check the calendar before you choose your date so you don’t accidentally overlap.)  The date field also prompts the system to email a reminder to you and the winning bidders five days before the event. 
  7. If you are ok with setting aside one of your seats for a “second chance raffle“, click the checkbox.
  8. Once you are finished, click Save 

What is the Second Chance Raffle?

Over the years, we’ve struggled with the fact that, by its very nature, the events offered at the service auction aren’t equally available to all members of the church.  On the one hand, the auction is a fundraiser whose primary function is to raise money for the church.  On the other, some of the winning bids get pretty expensive, so not everyone has the same opportunity to attend events that are supposed to be community-building.  To try to find the middle path between these two realities, we are going to set aside seats at some of our most popular events (with permission from the provider, of course).  After the original seats have been auctioned, everyone will have the chance to purchase a second-chance raffle ticket for the remaining seat – so your $10 second-chance ticket may win you a spot for an event that you’ve previously been out-bid on!