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This Sunday in Religious Education (RE)

In honor of Earth Day, our two Religious Education classes will join together in a service project on the church lawns, picking up sticks and twigs. Dress for the weather and prepare to have some outdoor fun! Susan Goldberg, Religious Education Coordinator

Religious Education Update

This Sunday, March 24, the youth and children will be meeting for religious exploration. The Youth should go directly to the Couch Room at 10:30 and spend the entire worship time planning their upcoming service.  The Littles will be sung out as usual. This week’s topic is Talking About God, inspired by the UUA curriculum, Riddle and Mystery. We have a lovely story book to read and a surprise craft that that has been on request!  We look forward to…

This Week in Religious Education

On Sunday, March 10, the Littles will meet at their usual time. Their topic will be “Stuff Happens.” The Youth will go directly to the Couch Room at 10:30 and spend all their time planning their upcoming Youth Led Sunday (April 14). Hoping for full attendance!  Susan Goldberg, Religious Education Coordinator

Religious Education (RE) Update

This week in Religious Education we will start using our new curriculum, Riddle and Mystery, jumping in at lesson #2. “Who am I?” The children’s class will imagine what it’s like to encounter an Alien. The Youth will begin planning their Youth Led Service planned for a Sunday in spring. As always, I appreciate your comments and suggestions and questions. And especially your children’s participation! Reach out to me any time at  cheers, Susan Goldberg, Religious Education Coordinator

Religious Education (RE) Update

There will be no Religious Education (RE) this Sunday, but if you want to check in with me to exchange ideas, ask questions, or make suggestions, I’ll be in the 3rd floor Couch Room at 10:00. Also, we could use two more teachers/subs. See you then!  Susan Goldberg, Religious Education Coordinator

Religious Education (RE) Update

This week in RE we will recognize Valentines Day. The Youth will have talking points on different kinds of love. The Littles will have a fun craft that they can take home. I hope that everyone enrolled will make an effort to attend RE this week. There is always a lesson plan, book, craft, and discussion planned for every RE Sunday, but attendance has been iffy. The more students, the more meaningful for everyone. Please plan to join your class…

Religious Education (RE) Update

There will be no RE on February 4. Children and youth will remain in the service. Next week, RE will meet in the classrooms with a lesson and craft for Valentine’s Day. Susan Goldberg, Religious Education Coordinator

Religious Education Update

This Sunday, January 7, will be an All Ages Worship Service with Fire Communion. RE classes will resume on January 14 and 28.  As usual, if your kids are restless during the service, they are welcome to sit in the narthex and color and draw, and I’ll be available to sit there with them. See you on Sunday! Susan Goldberg, Religious Education Coordinator

From Our New Religious Education Coordinator Susan Goldberg

Hi, I am delighted to be writing you as the Coordinator for Religious Education at UUCE. As it happens, I was an RE teacher here for a while way back in the 1990s, but since then my time with kids has been mostly about either tutoring or being a grandma. In any case, I still have both feet in the water, and it seems I’m about to wade in even deeper! I want to thank you for trusting me and…

RE Date Changes

Hi, Everyone – Just wanted to make you all aware of a change to our RE Schedule in November. We will no longer be having RE on November 6th as we had originally planned, but we will instead be having RE during the service on the 13th. All other previously scheduled dates will be happening as originally planned. So the dates we’ll be having RE Classes during the service through the end of December are as follows: •       Oct 2nd…

Doing things, a little differently

I’ve had a career in non-profits long enough to know: people get nervous about new people who come along and say “we’re going to try doing this a little differently.” Human beings have a tendency to assume that the way we are currently doing this is the correct or best way to do them, and when someone comes a long and proposes a new way, it feels like a criticism or a rebuke. Also, we usually have good reasons for our current methods. Change often feels like…

RE Dates for this Fall

Religious Education will be starting back up again soon! Please contact RE Coordinator Marj Askins if you have any questions or concerns. We’ll plan to have RE Classes on the following dates: Sept 4th Sept 18th Oct 2nd Oct 16th Oct 30th Nov 6th Nov 27th Dec 11th Thanks, Marj Askins (she/her) Religious Education Coordinator – Unitarian Universalist Church of Elgin
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