Board of Trustee Meeting Minutes 1/29/23 & 2/12/23

Board of Trustee Meeting Minutes 1/29/23 & 2/12/23

BOT Meeting 1/29/23 & 2/12/23

Present: Erica, Krista, Steve, Tom, Henry

Check in –

Centering – Krista

ET –

Previous employee news

Kevin Sweeney / ET – Finance

Share the Plate change – Discussed streamlining the process

Worship Team’s budget for guest speakers – Will discuss Feb. 12th

Part-time minister option – February 12th

Treasurer position – Discussed the transition to new treasurer

11/26/2022 Minutes Approved

The rest will be covered in the February 12th, 2023, meeting:

· Strategy/Next Steps/Council of Chairs recap

· Filling all Board roles

· Annual Meeting date and planning

· Stewardship Support/Service Auction

· Communication

· Exec Team meeting – Tues, 1/31

Reconvened February 12, 2023 at 12:14pm

Centering with Kevin

Present: Erica, Krista, Henry, Steve, Tom, Kevin

Voted Kevin in as Interim Treasurer

Letter to Congregation: Discussed content and sending and responsibility to our congregation regarding Tom Steffens. Board voted 5 yes, 1 abstain to send the letter.

Submitted by Henry Fixemer, Board Secretary

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