Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes for December 13, 2023

Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes for December 13, 2023

UUCE BOT Meeting Minutes – December 13, 2023

Meeting started: 6:41pm

Krista Wagner, Henry Fixemer, Erika Khan, Steve Stultz, Ann Kremer, Kevin Sweeney, Mike Moutrie

  1. Check-in
  2. Approval of Minutes: Will do via email after Henry clears up the notes
  3. Financial
    • Review Financial Reports (Kevin)
      • Kevin went over balance sheets. [Updated STP funds info. Some got confused, and we’re trying to get it sorted.]
      • Budget update
      • $19,500 from service auction received (not yet final amount)
    • Potential move from to Vanco
      • Wait until after the holidays to switch over. Kevin explained Vanco’s integration into Power Church and how it’ll work easier for the finance team and for congregants.
    • Updated discussion of consideration of special church loan for a PT minister.
  4. ET Meetings
    • Report out from November
    • Update regarding ET and BOT combining teams: For the time being, members will continue to sit in on each other’s meetings rather than combining.
    • Confirm schedule of BOT representation for rolling 3 months
      • January – Erica
      • February – Krista
      • March – Steve
  5. Strategy Work
    • Open House – presentation to congregation on Jan 14
    • Krista went over the work we did in the strategy session.
  6.  Social Justice Email
    • Share the Plate
    • Confirm Social Justice Team is under ET reporting structure
    • Discussed the possibility of a Social Justice Team and how that would work.
  7. Upcoming Meetings
    • Post-Fundraising Open House/Projected Expenses – Jan 14
    • Council of Chairs
      • ET recommendation – decide after January
      • Other option – survey COC members
    • Next BOT Meeting is January 11 (back to Thursdays)
  8. Small congregation check-in update
    • Krista participated in a group call with Phil Lund; discussion.
  9. Adjourned: 8:08pm

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