Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes for January 11, 2024

Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes for January 11, 2024

  1. Check-in
  2. Approval of Minutes  – We are a few months behind and need to post the minutes to keep communication open and connected.
  3. Financial
    • Review Financial Reports (Kevin)  Reviewed the current
      • Consideration of special church loan for a PT minister – update?  No updates
      • Update on Financial Committee roles:  Moving more responsibility to the bookkeeper. This is all working well. Kevin will be resigning in June as treasurer and the BOT will work to fill the role.
  4. ET Meetings 
    • Report out from January (Erica)  updates- discussion about the Social Justice Team.  The outcome was a series of tasks focusing on activities that have interest such as the effort to support the migrants, the pride parade effort etc.
    • Confirm schedule of BOT representation for rolling 3 months
      • February – Krista
      • March 5– Steve 
      • April 2-  Tom
  5. Strategy Work
    • Open House – presentation to the congregation will be on Jan 21 (revised date) 
    • Krista is working on the slide deck and will take care of communication for the event.
      • BB, Unichord, FB comm (Krista)
    • At some point, we could talk to other churches about how they worked out having part-time ministers.
  6. New Business 
    • Pamela Rumancik – email and response inquiry into employment. Krista will reply to her to say we are in the planning stages and will keep her updated once we decide on filling the role.
    • UUA Congregation Certification (due Feb 5) Kevin and Mila are working on this.
    • Article II Amendment Ballot (due Feb 1) Sponsoring congregation needs other congregations to call for a vote on this to get it on the ballot. Our board would need to vote on this and share the official minutes.  Requirements are noted in the email.  We feel we are not knowledgeable enough to vote on this and will let other congregations work on it.
  7. Old Business
    • Employee Manual 2019 is the latest draft from when Erica and Ann had worked on it. Discussion for updates.
  8. Upcoming Meetings 
    • Post-Fundraising Open House/Projected Expenses – Jan 21 Ann can’t be there. Everyone else can be.  Krista will let everyone know what she needs.  Kevin can do financials.
    • Council of Chairs – RT No news.  Erica is working on this.
    • Next BOT Meeting is February 8 
  9.  Adjourn: Erica moved to adjourn; Steve seconded.  Unanimous approval.

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