Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes for July 24, 2023

Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes for July 24, 2023

BOT Minutes July 24, 2023

Began at 12:15pm.

Present: Krista Wagner, Ann Kremer, Erica Khan, Steve Stultz, Henry Fixemer, Kevin Sweeney, Mike Moutrie

  1. Chalice Lighting
  2. Welcome New Trustee (Ann)
  3. Check-in
  4. Additions to the Agenda?
  5. Approval of Minutes and sent to Mila
  6. Financial
    • Review Financial Reports (Kevin)
      • Someone has been recommended to be on the Financial Committee.
      • Budget: Only 93% of the 2022-23 pledges have been collected, and we did collect some other donations. The memorial fund is restricted.
      • Expenses were discussed: UUCE met 91% of budgeted expenses in 2022-23. The deficit was just under $22,000, but we budgeted for $26,500.
      • Assets: We have more money at the end of 2022-23 than at the end of 2021-2022. The Alice Macy fund is restricted (meant for a specific purpose).
      • Kevin proposed that 2022-23 books be closed in October, and he says we should do October each year.
      • We need to make sure vendors are billing on time so that then budget can be more accurate.
      • Send out the fiscal year summary sent to the congregation after it’s closed out in October.
      • Alice Macy fund committee is looking for a heat pump to replace the current system.
      • Kevin expects we will spend most of our reserves in the current fiscal year (as was announced at the budget open houses).
    • Childcare Deficit (recommendation to ET)
      • Discussed childcare and RE expenses: We cannot afford the number of hours childcare workers are working right now. We discussed options for how to equitably address this shortage.
  7. Policies/Operations
    • Farmer’s Market: Discussed concerns voiced about the safety of our booth at the Farmer’s Market. More information is being gathered, as we hope to continue our involvement because it is a way to be seen in the community as well as bring in new members.
    • Person to Lock Up on Sundays: Still need someone after service, and a person in each group that meets after needs to be responsible to lock up. Mila has ended up being the person to stay, which isn’t right. They all need to have the document to know the lock-up procedure. Mike will take that to ET.
    • We should get a current list of duties from the Church Administrator.
  8. Strategy Work
    • Sequencing/Ordering of Activities
    • Prioritization
    • Congregational Meeting/Presentation/Feedback
  9. Upcoming Meetings
    • BOT Schedule (When, number of meetings, format)
      • Second Thursday of each month online.
    • Council of Chairs
      • August 12th, 10am-12pm, on-site and online. Need a board meeting to strategize before then.
    • Fundraising Brainstorming Open House (attendees?)
      • Not until September 14th. Tell people to write their thoughts in advance. Provide guidance.
  10. Adjourn

Meeting adjourned 1:33pm.

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