Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes for November 9, 2023

Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes for November 9, 2023

UUCE BOT Minutes – November 09, 2023

Called to order 6:50 pm

  1. Check-in
  2. Additions to the Agenda? None
  3. Approval of Minutes – Delayed until we get from Henry
  4. Financial
    • Review Financial Reports (Kevin) – Reviewed Financial Reports
    • Resolution to change the key holders for UUCE’s safe deposit box at Chase Bank. Resolved – is this complete? Letter is signed, Mila needs to go to bank.
    • Consideration of special church loan for a PT minister — ET thinks we need a part-time minister in order to grow, want us to look into considering loans. We may have to hire an accountant to do this, and may have to use the building as collateral. Maybe worth talking to churches who made it work for them, and see what the process was like. Before going down the road of attempting to get a part-time minister, we need to determine what we want them to do vs what volunteers will do.
    • Mila will provide examples of churches who have done this – Krista and Ann will reach out to churches.
  5. ET Meetings
    • Report out from November: Krista attended 11/7 meeting. Putting 2 more ppl through background check for childcare. Struggling with getting RE volunteers. ET would like more of a strategic plan.
    • Setup conversation with ET and BOT about combining teams. Krista will work with Mike to set up time and agenda, work with UUA staff to see if other churches have done something similar.
    • Confirm if ET needs to get approval from BOT for new ET member – Erica to reply to them.
    • Mila departure and role fill – nothing done yet by ET
    • Confirm schedule of BOT representation for rolling 3 months
      • December – Tom
      • January – Krista
      • February – Erica
  6. Strategy Work
    • Fundraising next steps
      • Milestone options – money and time or decisions
    • Next open house – Dec 14. Discussed showing a visual of how much a minister costs.
  7. BOT Composition and Slate
    • Roll off in June – 2 vacancies — Don’t need to solve, just wanted to maintain awareness. Start thinking about people who might be good for the board.
      • Henry Fixemer (Secretary)
      • Erica Khan (Trustee at Large)
    • President-Elect (ET recommendation)
  8. Upcoming Meetings
    • Post-Fundraising Open House – Jan 14
    • Council of Chairs
      • When to start back up? February?
      • ET recommendation – decide after January
      • Other option – survey COC members
    • Next BOT Meeting is December 13
  9. Adjourn – Erica made motion, Kevin seconded, adjourned at 8:01

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