Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes for September 14, 2023

Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes for September 14, 2023

UUCE BOT Minutes – September 14, 2023 

Present: Kevin Sweeney, Krista Wagner, Steve Stultz, Tom Lesiewicz, Ann Kremer,

ET Representative: Mila Brinker

No additions to agenda 

  1. Approval of Minutes (tabled until Henry is here)
  2. Financial 
    • Review Financial Reports (Kevin)
      • Balance Sheet- nothing significant. We did open two CDs to gather interest over the next 6-9 months
      • Budget- we received some funds from last year’s pledges in July so that raised our income.  We added another $5000 pledge recently so we are 157% of our income.  Expenses are at 87%.
    • Discuss staff payroll frequency change 
      • As part of state law, we are required to pay employees two times a month, and we have not been doing that. We are switching everyone to 2 pay periods per month (the 1st through 15th and the 16th till the end of the month) with payroll on the following 2nd and 4th Sunday.
      • The administrator and music director will end up skipping a paycheck (because they were being paid about half a month in advance), so the FC has asked if this will create a hardship and will work with them if they respond that it does.
    • Resolution to change the key holders for UUCE’s safe deposit box at Chase Bank 
      • Safe Deposit box is handled separately from the accounts at the bank.  Jamie Yucuis and Mila Brinker are current signers.  FC is suggesting Financial Secretary Darla Musson and Treasurer Kevin Sweeney be the signers. Mila would need to go with them to change over and sign off on the changes.
      • Resolution will need to be worded officially for the bank with account number (Kevin has a template): Krista moves, Tom seconds, all voted in favor
        Change the signers to the church’s Safe Deposit Box from Jamie Yucuis and Mila Brinker to Darla Musson and Kevin Sweeney
  3. Fundraising Work 
    • Planning for Open House – Use poster paper- we will want to rank by level of effort and reward.  Looking for items of high return with lower effort.  We could do a quadrant strategy to sort the efforts.
    • Discussed options for special fundraising for childcare.
    • Reach out to Stewardship?  – Fundraising is separate and not part of the stewardship but we will work together in terms of sharing numbers, messages etc.
  4. Policies/Operations  
    • Destructive Behavior Policy
      • Each BOT member will read and review the most recent changes for the October meeting.
    • Policies on bequests
      • Reviewed the policy on gift acceptance, and it does say we should spend it as the giver intended. We will use funds as they were intended to be spent.
  5. Strategy Work
    • Review Council of Chairs Feedback on Sequencing and Prioritization
    • Congregational Meeting/Presentation/Feedback  – Krista feels like we should wait for the Fundraising Open House before we plan any meeting. We will add to the October Board Meeting
    • Next steps – what will we ask?  
  6. ET Meetings 
    • Determine schedule of BOT representation for 3 months
      • October 3- Tom
      • November 7 -Steve
      • December 5 -Krista – Tom as back up
  7. Upcoming Meetings 
    • Post-Fundraising Open House
      • We will discuss afterwards over email.
    • BOT Retreat (Intent, location, when). Do we need this?
      • We can see where our efforts are after Fundraising.
    • Council of Chairs
      • Krista is sending a survey to find another time that might work for folks who can’t do Saturday morning.

Adjourn  8:00 pm

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