December Board Update

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Ongoing Business

Search Committee Progress

Tom asked about progress on congregant calling. We will go over the list of suggestions at the January meeting.

Stewardship Committee Charter

Kevin presented a draft of the Stewardship Committee charter. The charter was approved unanimously.

BoT Governance Policies

Kevin presented a draft of changes to BoT Governance Policies. These primarily are related to removing reference to “finance” responsibility from the ET, with the acknowledgement that the Finance Committee actually handles this (and is a committee of the BoT). The changes were approved unanimously.

Staff Reviews

Rev. Leland discussed progress on completing staff reviews. BoT members should send feedback regarding staff performance to him. Jamie mentioned that review feedback may be used early next year during the budgeting process.

Board Workflow

Elizabeth spoke about Board workflow issues. We should make sure that agendas are being sent out well in advance of the meeting, and review how often we expect to receive reports from various committees and teams. This should be noted on the annual work plan.

Minister Performance Review

Rev. Leland left the meeting prior to discussing minister performance.

Discussion about Minister performance review and feedback received from the congregation. We will discuss at the January meeting, and likely set up a work session to perform the review.

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