Board of Trustees Minutes for February 27, 2022

Board of Trustees Minutes for February 27, 2022

UUCE Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes 02-27-2022

Attended: Steve Stultz, Rowan Fixemer, Jamie Yucuis, Tom Lesiewicz

Absent: Erica Lavine

Meeting called to session 11:55 am.

1. Employee Handbook: Each board member is to review the handbook and then email the rest of the board whether they feel it’s satisfactory, or whether the board should meet to make updates.

a. Discuss whether there need to be changes to by-laws for when there’s no minister to oversee employees.

b. Specify the policies about time off.

c. Specify if/when overtime may be accrued.

2. Board members are to turn in bios to Todd Underwood by March 4, 2022.

3. Overview of Core Committees (Leadership) meeting on Tuesday, February 22, 2022.

a. Discussed congregational survey results and the need for better communication with congregation of general business and what the board’s plans are to keep UUCE moving forward.

b. Determined that the BoT needs to develop a three- to five-year plan.

c. Stewardship.

d. Programming expansion is a promising way to bring in membership.

4. Five-Year Plan: Where are we going? What are we planning? Elements:

a. Find an identity for UUCE and share that for congregational buy-in.

b. Suggested to look at previous versions of three- and five-year plans to see what can be repurposed—wording, ideas, numbers (but updated, of course)—for creating the new plan.

c. Create an outline and define the goals of this plan. Suggested to contact Stephen Day to discuss how this was done in the past.

d. Set a regular schedule of Board of Trustees meetings so that congregants can depend on regularity. Make sure to give notice before meetings and make them accessible in-person and/or online.

5. Nominations for Elections at the Yearly Meeting: Two more BoT slots need filled, as well as spots on other committees and teams. Tom Lesiewcz will call people who were on the previous list of congregants suggested for the Ministerial Search Team in the past in hopes of finding candidates for the board.

6. It was noted that another point from the Core meeting was that the Executive Team and BoT plan to start having representatives at each other’s meetings. Who attends will be based on a rotation so that it won’t be the same members every time.

7. The annual meeting will be Sunday, May 22, 2022.

Meeting was adjourned at 1:04 pm.

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