BOT Meeting Approved Minutes 4/23/23

BOT Meeting Approved Minutes 4/23/23

BOT Meeting 4/23/23

Present: Erica Levine, Henry Fixemer, Krista Wagner, Kevin Sweeney, Tom Lesiewicz, Mila Brinker

Absent: Steve Stultz

Meeting started: 1:15

Check in with everyone.

Centering – Mila

New Business

Approval of 2/26/23 Meeting Minutes – Approval, but add last names.

Approval of 3/26/23 Meeting Minutes – Approved; last names

Discussion of the Draft Budget and financial reports – Had the budget open house today; Kevin shared updates

Supplemental meeting – 4/30 after church

Discussion of proposed Bylaws Changes – Amendments will go out in packet; put into common groupings

Need to work on revitalization – went over a lot of ideas that could help with membership

Determining Quorum Number – Will refigure the number now that there are new members

Mila will send reports for annual meeting and do proxy update

2:45 pm Meeting ended until 4/30 –

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