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Religious Education Update

This Sunday, January 7, will be an All Ages Worship Service with Fire Communion. RE classes will resume on January 14 and 28.  As usual, if your kids are restless during the service, they are welcome to sit in the narthex and color and draw, and I’ll be available to sit there with them. See you on Sunday! Susan Goldberg, Religious Education Coordinator
Copper collection plate on a wooden table

3rd Quarter Share the Plate

Our third quarter (January, February, March) Share the Plate recipient is the Boys and Girls Club. The world is complicated. Helping kids is simple. Today’s kids are navigating complicated issues. They are struggling to recover academically from a global pandemic that derailed their education. They are dealing with systemic barriers and immediate needs, such as poverty and hunger, in their communities every day. They are constantly exposed to pressures from social media.  They are reporting increases in social anxiety, depression and…

All Peoples Interfaith Food Pantry

Every donation helps in the fight against hunger – no matter how small or how large the donation.  Whatever you are able to contribute is greatly appreciated.  Cereal and any canned goods head the list for the large hamper in UUCE entryway.  Thank you! Norm Wilkinson

PADS Signup for March, April, May

Dear Friends, Thank you to those who provide and serve lunches to the Elgin PADS shelter.  Go to our PADS Page to sign up for the first or third Monday, to furnish or serve the meal. Also, the PADS supply needs are as follows: cereal, 13 gallon trash bags, paper plates, 12 oz. plastic cups, plastic spoons & forks, and toilet bowl cleaner. You may leave these donations in the basket marked “PADS” at church. Thank you! Dotty Carringi 

From the UUA’s Braver/Wiser Courage and Compassion for Life As It Is

Fear Not and Hallelujah By Marcus Liefert, December 20, 2023 “And, lo, the angel of the Lord came upon them, and the glory of the Lord shone round about them: and they were sore afraid. And the angel said unto them, Fear not….”—Luke 2:9-10a I could use an angel popping by every now and then to tell me to fear not. Instead of waking up and doomscrolling, I want each morning for my phone to alert me to a baby…

The Hygge Hangout has been Rescheduled to 1/26!

Due to the bad weather forecast the Revitalization Team has reschedule Hygge Hangout to January 26th. The Revitalization Team will once again be hosting a Hygge Hangout in Fellowship Hall on Friday, January 26, from 6:30 – 9:30 pm. More information on what “hygge” is can be found at the end of this email from a sermon that Stephen Day gave around this time in 2021. In the spirit of hygge, we are keeping this simple. We will provide warm…

DELIVERED! Apartment Welcome Kits for new immigrants, refugees, and asylum-seekers.

Lydia Larrabee, Jen and Adrian happily delivered three complete apartment welcome kits plus several extra items to First Presbyterian Church in Elgin on Wednesday, December 20 to benefit new immigrants, refugees, and asylum-seekers in our community. It was very moving to see our UUCE community’s efforts and resources bundled up into three carloads and carried into the church where we know they will be put to good and grateful use.   This effort would not have been possible without Mary Alice…

PADS SignUp for March, April, May

Dear Friends, Thank you to those who provide and serve lunches to the Elgin PADS shelter.  Go to our PADS Page to sign up. The PADS needs list is as follows:  Individually packaged snacks. Chips, raisins, cheese sticks, fresh fruit, cheese and cracker packets, pudding and Jello cups. You may leave these donations in the basket marked “PADS” at church. Thank you! Dotty Carringi

Ethnic Eating Update

So, the trip to Belgium was great fun and it is again time to visit the Caribbean. On January 21st at 3:30pm we will try a taste of Belize at A Taste of Belize in Waukegan at 2207 Grand Avenue. Yes, I do know that Waukegan is not in Elgin or even next door but visiting three is way cheaper than flying to the actual country of Belize. So you can plow the savings back into the food there.  Please…

Covenant Group Opportunity

The Sunday Covenant group that began last year is continuing and we are looking for new members. We meet once per month on a Sunday afternoon at UUCE from noon to 2:00 pm. This group is open to any new or experienced attendees of UUCE who would like a chance to discuss topics about life in depth. If you are interested in considering this group, please attend an orientation on Sunday, January 28 at noon in the couch room on…

From the UUA’s Braver/Wiser Courage and Compassion for Life As It Is

Solstice MagickErica Shadowsong “Outside, snow solidified itself into graceful forms. The peace of winter stars seemed permanent.”—Toni Morrison, in Beloved When I became an adult, I decided to embrace as many holidays as I could. I soon learned that almost everything I love about Christmas came from European winter solstice traditions. I love evergreens and holly! I love the snow…from the warm comfort of being wrapped in a blanket by a window. Hot chocolate, multi-colored fairy lights, and medieval Christmas carols are…