Minister’s Message (Page 2)

Each week our minister publishes a message for the UUCE community, sharing his thoughts on topics relevant to the congregation, its ministries, and current events.

UUs and Free Speech

We are swiftly approaching the start of a new church year, and I am looking forward to participating in ever-better coping with COVID-19 and the political season. I have been asked by the leaders of a dissident group of UU congregants and Ministers to write a cover letter to regional UU Ministers to accompany this group’s rebuttal to some decisions made by our Denomination and by the UU Minister’s Association; decisions that many see as undemocratic and illiberal. There is…

Actions We Can Take for Black Lives

Running simultaneously with the tumultuous electoral and pandemic news, we are witnessing the remarkably persistent determination by all people of good will to end the evil of racism. This is wonderful good news, and a wonderful opportunity to root out (at last!) our cursed inheritances from the enslavement of Black people, and the racism that targeted dark-skinned people as existed in ancient Greece and Rome. The last several weeks have seen long-standing monuments to the military and political defenders of…

Learning from the Pandemic

Some say the pandemic has revealed inequality; some say we knew this all along. Evidence across the nation shows us that more Black Americans have gotten COVID-19 and die from it than White Americans. Gig workers struggle to see how they can get any the funds for bare subsistence. Essential workers are risking their safety, sometimes regardless of their own higher risk status. How do we feel about this? What do our UU souls do with this? How do our…
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