Church Teams

These organizations are open to involvement from all members and friends, and are focused on supporting specific aspects of the church and congregation.

To learn more about a specific team, simply click on its title. If you’re interested in joining any of these teams, or want to get in contact, simply use the form at the bottom of the page.

Building Team

The Building Team is responsible for regular maintenance of the church building. Individual members volunteer to take on specific maintenance jobs in the church, and are responsible for ensuring those tasks are performed on a regular basis.

Care Team

The Care Team reaches out to church members to offer support and assistance in times of illness, bereavement, and need. It provides outreach through conversations, phone calls, emails, or cards, and regularly assist families with memorial services held at the church. The Care Team also has medical equipment free to borrow, including wheelchairs, walkers, canes, shower seats, and more in storage for anyone who has short term medical needs.

Green Team

The Green Team coordinates actions that support a healthy environment, including recycling of batteries, light bulbs, printer cartridges, and Styrofoam.

Hospitality Team

The Hospitality Team coordinates activities to help visitors, friends, and members feel welcome and comfortable in the church. Activities for members include coordinating Sunday morning greeters and facilitating Fellowship Hour, as well as special activities such as our “Face-to-Face” events.

IT Team

The IT Team manages the hardware and software used by the church staff and volunteers. This includes email, cloud-based applications and storage, as well as the UUCE website. In addition, the IT team offers education and technological support whenever possible.

Landscape and Grounds Team

The Landscape and Grounds Team creates and maintains the prairie, garden, foundation beds, and general grounds. Activities include planning for new gardens, planting, and overseeing ground maintenance.

Library Team

The Library Team curates and maintains the over 1,000 books in our UUCE Library. The library can be found on the second floor next to our Sanctuary, and can be used as a quiet space to sit and read.

Membership Team

The Membership Team facilitates the process of becoming a member. In partnership with the minister, the Membership Team provides the Path to Membership class, and the New Member Ceremony. Learn more about how to become a member.

Religious Education Team

The Religious Education Team supports the work of our Religious Education (RE) teachers. This team meets as needed to help plan for our children’s programs. Activities may include preparing RE classroom materials, assisting or leading lessons, and recruiting RE teachers and assistants.

The RE Team’s mission for children’s religious education is:

  • to encourage moral and spiritual growth
  • to create an environment where children feel comfortable and valued
  • to help cultivate a Unitarian Universalist religious identity
  • to guide children in their growth toward self-acceptance
  • to celebrate life’s transitions
  • to encourage self-expression

To learn more about RE here at UUCE, visit our Religious Education page.

Revitalization Team

The Revitalization Team is composed of members and friends of UUCE that represent a broad cross-section of ages, interests, and backgrounds whose task it is to lead the congregation in areas that will help sustain and grow UUCE. This is done by focusing on relationships, remembering the pride and hope that is UUCE, and re-engaging with friends and members while striving to create, maintain, and improve our vitality as a safe community.

Goals and responsibilities include:

  • Welcome current and past members back to UUCE
  • Help establish programs valuable to the congregation
  • Create opportunities for engagement between church members outside of Sunday services
  • Retain membership through programming, events, and services
  • Foster growth in membership

Attributes that are useful as a member of this team include:

  • Ability to work for the good of the entire church membership
  • Ability to work well in a group
  • Willingness to attend meetings for training, planning and implementation
  • Ability to analyze problems, formulate plans and frame realistic timelines for projects

To learn more about the Revitalization Team send us an email!

Service Auction Team

The Service Auction Team organizes the annual fundraiser. Members and friends donate a variety of items and activities that are sold to the highest bidders by our hysterical professional auctioneer. The Service Auction Team primarily meets in preparation for the October auction, and does not meet year-round.

Small Group Ministry Team

The Small Group Ministry Team’s primary mission is to provide opportunities in the community for our members and friends to live their commitment to the principles of our faith through interaction in small group activities. The Team will support increasing membership in existing groups and creating new small groups, and work to increase communication between church members and friends through their participation in small groups in our congregation.

Social Justice Team

The Social Justice Team coordinates our church’s outreach to live out our values in the world and effect social transformation. The team organizes many activities at UUCE and in the broader community to bring about change.

Learn more about the activities currently supported by the Social Justice Team on our Justice Projects page.

Welcoming Team

The Welcoming Team welcomes and provides information to visitors to our church. Activities include serving as greeter assistants and providing information to new and returning visitors. There are no meetings, but members volunteer to serve approximately six times per year.

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