Circle Supper Kickoff: Save the Date October 20

Circle Supper Kickoff: Save the Date October 20

From November/December through April, UUCE members and friends will meet once a month in groups of six to eight for an evening of good food and lively conversation. You are cordially invited to join this congenial program as a host or alternate. 

Sign up as a “host” and you will be scheduled to host one dinner at your home and to attend dinners at other members’ homes each month of the program. The host(s) is only responsible for preparing a main dish with beverages and designating what each guest brings — an appetizer, salad, side dish or dessert. If you prefer, you may host your dinner in Fellowship Hall at the church.  

If you’re just not up for hosting a dinner party, sign up as an “alternate,” and you’ll be on the list of members ready to fill in when someone needs to cancel.  We welcome new members and hope to see past members again this season. We welcome couples or singles (married people who attend as singles and not-married-to-each-other members who team up to be hosts — with one perhaps providing the home and the other the main dish). 

We will start the program with The Circle Supper Kickoff Potluck on October 20 at 6:30 pm in Fellowship Hall. Bring a dish to share. Please come and join our group for this event, even if you aren’t ready to commit to the entire program.

After the signup deadline, November 1, you will receive a schedule of hosts and alternate guests. Hosts will contact their guests to confirm a date. We will have group dinners in November or December, January, February, March and April. A final potluck may be held at the church in May. 

As always, we accommodate pet allergies, food allergies and dietary preferences, small dining rooms, scheduling constraints, and other special circumstances.

You may signup on the clipboard by the church entrance or email Dotty Carringi at Mark your preference to be a one-time host or an alternate, and include your email address and phone number. Also, you may call me a 847-502-4835 or you have questions.

See you around the dinner table!

Also, you may call me at 847-502-4835, if you have questions.



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