Closing Announcement

COVID Cases in Kane County have been rising since the beginning of the month and have surpassed the levels the Reopening Team determined would be safe to meet for Sunday Services. Our service this Sunday will be online only, and more information about building use policy will follow next week.

Sunday, November 21st

We’re committed to a reopening that honors our UU Principles and is safe for all: young, old, healthy, immunocompromised, vaccinated, and those who cannot get vaccinated yet or at all. This Sunday’s service will be online only, and we will remain online until cases decline enough to meet our metric goals again.

Everyone involved in Sunday Services continues to work hard to make sure our online services are professional and engaging. This week, our worship personnel will stream the service live from the Sanctuary, but in order to watch you’ll need to join us on our regular Zoom link.

Religious Education

The RE Team is working to brainstorm some ideas for how UUCE’s young people can connect and be in community with one another while the church is operating remotely. We will be contacting the parents of all registered youth with options for remote RE programs after the Thanksgiving holiday. If you’d like to register your kids, have ideas for remote RE programs, or want to volunteer to be a part of faith development in UU kids and youth, please don’t hesitate to contact RE Coordinator Marj Askins.

The Data

In an effort to help our community stay informed about local COVID risk, here is the data the Reopening Team uses to determine when it is safe to gather for services. All data provided is for Kane County.

Kane County Risk Level

Risk Level: Very High.

Test Positivity Rate

Graph trending upwards over the past two weeks, ending at 4.5% test positivity rate.

Daily Cases for
Ages 0-17

Graph trending upwards, starting at 20 daily cases on October 31, and ending in 52 daily cases on November 19

Thank you for your continued patience and understanding during these challenging times. We hope to see you Sunday on Zoom!

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