Countryside Church UU Invites You to Join Us

Countryside Church UU Invites You to Join Us

Embrace the Magic of Yule: A Community Celebration for All Ages!

Friday, December 15, 6:45 – 9 pm

Join us for a unique and heartwarming celebration of Yule, open to all ages this year! Experience a transformative evening where meditation meets community joy. Download a flier and invite your family & friends:

The Highlight – Building the Light Spiral: Arrive at 6:45 pm to help build the evergreen Spiral. Guests are invited to bring a special item to place at any of the Four Direction tables.

° North=Earth, green and brown colors, represents growth.

° East=Air, blue, gray, and white colors, represents thought and truth.

° South=Fire, red, orange, and yellow colors, represents creativity and inspiration.

° West=Water, blue and green colors, represents feelings and intuition.

Then at 7 pm, participate in an all-ages Solstice Spiral Meditation. Immerse yourself in the meditative celebration of darkness transitioning into light. With music by Alison Vernon and special guests, feel the collective energy as we each carry a light into the spiral, symbolizing our personal journey from darkness to light.

Community Festival Fun Post Ritual, 8-9 pm: The celebration continues! Engage in caroling around the piano, enjoy a lively bonfire, and indulge in Yule crafts. Sip on warm cocoa, s’mores, and cider while reveling in community spirit and fun.

Suggested Donation: Sliding entrance fee – $10-$20 per adult or $20 per family. Pay more or less based on your means. Cash and electronic donations are welcome at the door.

Let’s gather to honor this age-old tradition, bringing light and warmth to the longest night of the year. A perfect opportunity to connect with the community and create memorable moments! Don’t miss out on this extraordinary Yule celebration!

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