Landscaping and Bonfire – Saturday!

Landscaping and Bonfire – Saturday!

This is a reminder that we have a Landscaping Workday followed by a Bonfire this Saturday (October 28).  The weather looks like it’s going to be perfect for outdoor work and a bonfire – partly cloudy and 52!  We’ll be starting at 3pm and focusing on taking care of some weeding around the Meditation Garden and the building.  If we have enough people, we can spread some woodchips as well.  Around 5pm we’ll start lighting the fire so that it’ll be nice and toasty by sunset.

If you have shovels, hoes, or other implements of gardening destruction, please bring them along.  If you’d like to roast meat or marshmallows (or anything else) over the fire, bring that as well!

If you have any questions, please let me know – otherwise, I hope to see you Saturday!

Stephen Day, Revitalization Team

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