Did You Know?

Did you know UUCE has a Facebook Group and Page 

There is one Facebook group. There is one Facebook page. They are completely separate, with different purposes. 

Facebook Group – for church members, UUCE Member Facebook Group (ELGIN ILLINOIS) Not for people who want to learn more about the church. The reason this group exists is because several years ago, the email server went down, and there was no way to get church information out. It serves as a source of community connection. You can read the description on the group itself for details. Posts currently go through without approval. Only one time has a post been reported as inappropriate, so as long as people play nicely, there is no need for approval. An admin does need to pin posts on the rare occasion that is required.  

Facebook Page – public facing business page for the church, Unitarian Universalist Church of Elgin.  This is where visitors, potential members, and any members or staff can find publicly known information on the church. 

Words from Jen Day, September 2020, updated May 2022 by Mila Brinker 

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