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Did you know that UUCE maintains a small inventory of durable medical equipment for the use of UUCE members and friends? Durable medical equipment is “any medical equipment used in the home to aid in a better quality of living.”

Our “loaner” closet, located on the third floor, has the following items available:

  • 1 wheelchair
  • 1 bedside commode
  • 1 elevated toilet seat
  • 3 shower seats of various sizes
  • 4 walkers
  • 1 pair of lightweight, adjustable crutches
  • 1 covered bucket/pail
  • 1 adjustable over bed table

There is a simple sign out/return list to keep track of the items, and there is no fee for using them. The church administrator or members of the Care Team can assist anyone wishing to make use of these items. 

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