Reflecting on the Election

Reflecting on the Election

It seems, unexpectedly, that most voters got a liberal portion of what they wanted from this past Tuesday’s elections. The Blues won the Presidency, and the Reds held the Senate and made inroads in the House. The “Blue Wall” has been restored (WI, MI, PA) but the “Blue Wave” (general repudiation of Trumpism) fizzled. There are good reasons for all that, of course.

Many thoughtful liberals believe that liberals are not listening to the cri di coeur of the rural and cultural conservatives, and if they want our nation to begin to reunite, they need to do that. What a difference it would make eventually, if we sought out and conversed with those with whom we disagree, and took their side on things that unfairly threaten and pain them. The frightful rate of unemployment is one big threat and pain. The unemployment is largely due to globalization, with COVID piling on.

Here at UUCE, we could begin with some of our fellow congregants. Liberals should try to build those bridges rather than maintaining their side of the wall. Putting country ahead of party by all sides is overdue. Less fear and more willingness to converse seem like necessary pre-conditions.

Rev. Leland Bond-Upson

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