Ethnic Eating December and January Restaurant Choices (and group photo)

Ethnic Eating December and January Restaurant Choices (and group photo)

Last Saturday, 12 hearty adventurers braved the wintry weather to sample the cuisine of Albania including various versions of the burek and other delicacies of the Balkan peninsula. A great time was had by all! 

For January, we will be visiting another island country of the Caribbean – Antigua and Barbuda. And we won’t have to go far. We’ll sample the dishes of the sea at Marisco El Charco at 302 S. McLean Blvd, Suite G, Elgin, IL at 5 pm on Saturday, January 14th. I hope you will be able to join us.

To make sure to maximize the opportunity, you can sign up for January’s culinary event by either emailing me at or texting me at 847-243-3820. I know this sounds a bit stilted when it would be easier to just tell me the next time we cross paths. And that would be easier if I possessed a working memory so I could note it. Unfortunately, despite best intentions, I’ve generally forgotten it before you’re out of sight. So please, try it this new way. It’ll be easier for me and better for the restaurant to get the proper number in the reservation to ensure everyone has a seat at the table. And you can let me know up until the Monday before the event when I will finalize the reservation.

Since this restaurant is local, we should have a healthy turnout. Come be part of the international dining community at UUCE.



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