Ethnic Eating December Update

Ethnic Eating December Update

Put away your flowered shirts and the pool toys, our trip to the Caribbean is over. However, I think the 11 folks who went enjoyed the flavors and the community. 

That brings us to December’s selection. As I previously said, I found a restaurant with foods of Albania. However, I also found the date I had proposed conflicted with some scheduled activities of some members, so we will now be attending Cafe Beograd on Saturday, December 3rd at 5 pm. The restaurant is locate at 2933-39 Irving Park Road, Chicago.

Several folks have already indicated their interest but given my inability to remember stuff, please let me know by email at to ensure your inclusion in the count for the reservation. I hope you’ll be able to make it.

Finally, I want to address something that’s come up several times. While I do internet searches to confirm the restaurants have dishes native to the country of the month, I do not attend them in person in advance. I have no real idea of what ambiance or degree of cleanliness they hold. I’m just as surprised as anyone when we go in person. For me, that’s part of the fun of trying other cuisines. I hope that fact will not deter your participation, but I just wanted to be upfront. 

See you on the 3rd and bon appetite!

Dan Hislip

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