Ethnic Eating November Restaurant Choice

Ethnic Eating November Restaurant Choice

Ethnic Eating is a UUCE social group open to all UUCE members and friends. The program is designed to promote food and fellowship to build community among its participants. Each month, a different country’s cuisine is sampled in an area restaurant. To the greatest extent possible, dining reservations are set for weekend times to maximize the number of folks’ convenience to attend. The program is coordinated by Dan Hislip. Participation is available by expressing interest to at least 10 dates prior to the announced event which are advertised in the Unichord well in advance. 

For the month of November, we will be sampling the cuisine of the Caribbean island of Anguilla at the Bahama Breeze restaurant in Schaumberg on Sunday, November 13 at 1 pm. Sign up is still open until November 3rd. If interested, please address an email to Dan Hislip at

All are welcome! Come feast with us.


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