Ethnic Eating; The Tastes of Argentina and More

Ethnic Eating; The Tastes of Argentina and More

I think I enjoy writing this blurb right after we visit the restaurant of the month. This month is no exception. The tastes of Argentina are still around. Yesterday, our small group of adventurers attended Tango Sur in Chicago. Accompanied by Argentine wine, we sampled the foods of that great country, empanadas, eggplant and, of course, steak.  You could cut the steak with a fork it was so tender. Everyone of our group left well satisfied. If you get a chance to eat there, do not pass it up.

But now, we have to get ready for March’s restaurant featuring the cuisine of Armenia at Sayat Nova at 157 Ohio Street in Chicago on March 5th. Let me know if you can join us, let me know by text at 847-243-3820 or by email at We would love to include you in the food and fellowship.

Dan Hislip

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