Ethnic Eating Update

So, the trip to Belgium was great fun and it is again time to visit the Caribbean. On January 21st at 3:30pm we will try a taste of Belize at A Taste of Belize in Waukegan at 2207 Grand Avenue. Yes, I do know that Waukegan is not in Elgin or even next door but visiting three is way cheaper than flying to the actual country of Belize. So you can plow the savings back into the food there. 

Please let me know of your interest by January 14th by text at 847-243-3820 or by email at Then, in February, we will visit Qatar African Restaurant at 7118 N. Clark Street in Chicago to taste the cuisine of Benin.  And March, we will visit Port Edward in Algonquin. Dates and times for each still to be determined.  I hope you will find an occasion to join us for an evening or afternoon of food and fellowship. 

Dan Hislip

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