Ethnic Eating Update

Fifteen hungry UUers went to A Taste of the Himalayas in St. Charles to enjoy the cuisine of Bhutan and I’m fairly sure that everyone was glad they did. The food was tasty and we had an entire room to enjoy fellowship with one another. My only regret was I couldn’t be part of all the different conversations going on around me. There was a relative quiet when the food arrived. I highly recommend this restaurant if you get a chance to go.

Next month, on Friday, May 24th, we will be visiting Alice’s Corner restaurant at 37 West New York Street in Aurora to enjoy the foods of Bolivia. I hope you can join us and, if you would like to attend, let me know by email at or by text at 847-243-3820. The summer will also include tastes of Bosnia and Botswana so hopefully something will appeal to your taste buds. All are welcome.

Dan Hislip

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