Ethnic Eating Update

If you enjoy grilled sausages, sauerbraten or wiener schnitzel or other “light” fare, washed down by flights or liters of good beer, May’s cuisine of “Austria” was the occasion for you. Ten of us met and dined at Schnell’s in Palatine last Sunday and I’m pretty sure a good time was had by all. I know it will take me some time to work it off. You might give a try if you have a chance.

June brings us to the last “A” country – Azerbaijan – and our new selection, Ali Baba Kabab, as the name implies, offers kebabs, the country’s main entree. The restaurant is smallish, but, hopefully, the food erases that concern. Also, it is fairly nearby at 869 S Roselle Road in Schaumburg. If you’re interested in joining us on Saturday, June 10th at 5:00 pm, you can let me know by text at 847-243-3820 or by email at We’re meeting on Saturday to avoid conflict with the Church-wide picnic the next day. Hope to see you there.

July starts us on countries beginning with a “B.” The first in line is the Bahamas. My preliminary research shows the best choice would be a repeat – either Bahama Breeze or Mariscos El Charco. Both are nearby and offer food you could find in the Bahamas in a similar price range. So I will leave it to the eating members of Ethnic Eating – where would you like to return? Let me know at the above contact addresses. I will let you know where. Also, because I’m traveling in the last half of July, the date will be early in July. I look forward to hearing from you regarding your preferences.



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