Ethnic Eating Update

On Saturday, the EE group will be meeting at Ali Baba Kabab in Schaumburg to experience a little bit of Azerbaijan and the celebrate the end of countries beginning with an “A.” I will report back to you next week. 

In future news, July will kick off the “B” countries and the Bahamas will be first. After my informal poll, the consensus is we will be going to Bahama Breeze. I guess the name gives it away. So please join us on Sunday, July 10th after services at the Bahama Breeze in Schaumburg. If you are interested in joining us then, you can let me know by text at 847-243-3820 or by email at so I can make reservations. 

In August, we will sample the cuisine of the smallest Arab country – Bahrain – where we discover loobah, makboos and khabees, if I can find them. I hope you can join us.

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