Ethnic Eating Update

Last Sunday, the five adventurous diners visited Sabri Nahadi in Chicago to enjoy the food of Bangladesh. I’m pretty sure the taste brought tears of joy to their eyes (okay, it could have been the hot spices). At any rate, the food was delicious and plentiful – lots came home. I highly recommend this restaurant if you get a chance to go.

On Saturday, October 21st at 5:30, we will be revisiting Mariscos El Charco at 302 S McLean Boulevard, Elgin, IL to enjoy the Caribbean seafood of Barbados. Because of the quality (and quantity) of the food prepared there and the proximity of the location, on a previous trip there, we had thirty people in attendence. To ensure that we have the proper reservations to accommodate everyone the deadline to sign up for this event will be Monday, October 15th. It is not too early to sign up for October’s choice, so please let me know of your interest by text at 847-243-3820 or by email at I look forward to seeing you there.

November’s selection is Belarusian Restaurant Visilki at 250 McHenry Road, Wheeling, IL at 3:30 on Sunday, November 12th. You can also sign up for that one. 

Belgium is the country for December. We can either do a breakfast restaurant or a mussels, fries and Belgium beer place or a place serving Belgium chocolates. Let me know and I’ll set something up. I look forward to your input.

Dan Hislip

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