Ethnic Eating Update

This month, nine intrepid explorers (see below) celebrated the cuisine of Angola/West Africa by dining at Vee Vee’s African restaurant on the 15th. It was a little bit of a drive for a lot of new tastes – think plantains, yams, goat. It was well worth the effort. 

In November not so much will be expected since we’ll be in Schaumberg celebrating the foods of the Caribbean island of Anguilla. on the 13th at 1 pm. I hope you can join us for the experience of food and community.

I thought I would set up a few of the ground rules regarding Ethnic Eating going forward. 

First, I have heard from over thirty people with some degree of interest in the program. I am not going to try to respond to each inquiry individually so if you didn’t get a response to a communication, please don’t take it personally. 

Secondly, I will give plenty of notice in the Unichord of when and where we will partake of the cuisine of the country of the month. If you wish to participate in any dining opportunity, email at I will be coordinating the restaurants and reservations (if allowed) but I don’t want to coordinate transportation. About 10 days before our dining date, I will send out an email detailing the place, date and time of the event. I will also send a fact sheet regarding that month’s country to give a little feel for it. If you feel that you have signified your participation and you do not receive an email, please contact me. I probably dropped the ball and need to make an adjustment for you. I will make required reservations a week before the event. After the reservations are made, you will need to make your own arrangements with the restaurant directly.

Thirdly, to the greatest extent possible, unless the restaurant is not open on Sunday, I will be trying to make the reservation on Sunday afternoons so we can leave together after church and ride coordination will be easier.

Finally, I’m looking at the following possibilities:

November Anguilla

December Argentina

January Antigua and Barbuda

February Armenia

March Australia

April Austria

Hopefully, some or all of those countries holds some fascination for you. 

Tastefully yours, 

Dan Hislip

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