Ministerial Search Committee Update

Ministerial Search Committee Update

Dear Friends,

In October, the UUCE Board of Trustees began a process of reaching out to congregational members to gather input on desired qualities and potential candidate names to have serve on the upcoming Ministerial Search Committee. After tallying names mentioned in that round of surveys, the Board arrived upon a list of the top 14 candidates. Because volunteering for this committee will require a significant commitment of time and energy, those candidates were then contacted by Board members in February to discuss expectations and to determine their interest in serving on the committee.

After those discussions were held, we ended up with a list of 6 willing participants. Since most UUA search committees are made up of 5-7 members, the Board expressed unanimous confidence that the 6 people identified would make a very capable team to both represent our congregation and to find the best ministerial candidate available to fill our pulpit beginning in the summer of 2022.

The six people selected for the search committee are Stephen Day, Sharon Fincher, April Swain, Todd Underwood, Krista Wagner, and Kathie Wachholder. This team will have their first meeting by mid-April and they are excited to keep everyone informed as they go through the stages of our search.


The UUCE Board of Trustees

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