Executive Team Update

The ET plans to begin sharing key topics and decisions from our monthly meetings. To learn more about the Executive Team and what we do, visit our Church Leadership page.

Current Members

The current members of The Executive Team (ET) are; Steve Askins, Mila Brinker, Mary Harlos, Mike Moutrie, Martha Pignataro, and Reverend Leland Bond-Upson. Our two most recent members; Steve and Mary, have only been on the team for a few months, but they bring fresh energy to the team and have already made welcomed contributions!

Thank you Mary and Steve!

Sharing Information

To kick off our regular updates, we’ve listed some of the more important items addressed over the last six months. It is the ET’s hope that in addition to sharing details of our decisions, these postings will provide greater visibility to some of the inner workings here at UUCE.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us with your questions and/or suggestions by using the contact form at the bottom of our Church Leadership page.

Highlights – Sept ’20 thru Feb ’21

February, 2021

  • Jen Day provided a status update on the planned Stewardship campaign. She did not request support from the ET at this time.
  • After reviewing the results of repairs and repainting of the nursery, the ET gave to Mila approval to quote replacement of the carpeting in the nursery with vinyl plank flooring to improve ease of cleaning.
  • Rev. Leland and Mila will review staffing of our childcare program.
  • Reviewed the Worship Team charter and responded to them with one question.
  • The ET reviewed repairs to sprinkler system; replacement of a pressure switch. Mila has scheduled the final inspection.

January, 2021

  • The Board of Trustees requested the Auction Team make a final decision about holding an auction this fiscal year. Mike will meet with the Auction Team to decide.
  • The ET gave Mila approval for cleaning and painting of the nursery. Mila will consult with the childcare team about removing excess toys, especially the stuffed variety which harbor germs.
  • Our Minister and Music Director will now be using their personal phones for church business, saving the church money and eliminating the need for them to carry two phones.
  • Mila confirmed the formation of a Reopening Task-force requested by the ET last meeting. The ET clarified that the goal is to provide a detailed, written process in alignment with County and State health officials in preparation for eventually meeting in person again.

Special thanks to Beth Cooper-Zobott, Erica Lavine and Mila Brinker for performing this important task!

December, 2020

  • Steve Askins joined the Executive Team!
  • The Phase 1 exterior building maintenance is complete with excellent results.
  • Rev. Leland reported that he placed a full-page ad in the Bravo magazine.
  • Mike reported that the Website Task-force launched the new new website. Check out this post to learn more about our new website and who helped made it a reality.

November, 2020

  • The ET met with Ann Kremer from the Leadership Development Team (LDC) and discussed the process for supporting teams with development of their charters.
  • The ET postponed entering a contract with Orkin for pest management until exterior building maintenance is further along which will prevent critters from entering the building.
  • Tom Lesiewicz has volunteered to set and clear mouse traps throughout the building until we contract with Orkin.
  • The start date for Phase 1 exterior building maintenance is 11/4/2020. This includes the main entrance and SE corner of the building.

October, 2020

  • Mary Harlos joined the Executive Team!
  • Mike and Joe completed testing and maintenance of all exit & emergency lights.
  • The ET did not approve the Worship Team’s request for a mid-December ’20 in-person service due to positivity trends in Kane County.
  • Elgin Sheet Metal completed the annual inspection of our furnaces. They found no issues but replaced all air filters. The Building Committee will work with Mila to keep a supply of filters on hand when scheduled replacement is due.
  • Chris Gibbons of 77 Property Management replace the water shutoff valves in both upstairs bathrooms because several were leaking. These were original equipment from the opening of the building.

September, 2020

  • The ET approved two procedure documents; the Care Team Volunteer form and the Publication of Life Events process guide.
  • The ET reviewed quotes for annual furnace inspection and Phase 1 exterior maintenance.

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