Fair Trade Product Update

Fair Trade Product Update

Here is an update on Fair Trade products at UUCE, including some price increases.  

All our products are organic and fairly traded. They come from small farms around the world. The coffees are all shade-grown which maintains habitat for birds and other forest creatures. 

They are inexpensive because we buy them wholesale and don’t pay tax or shipping. We charge barely enough to cover the costs and pass on the savings to you. 

We now must charge a little more for coffee and tea packages. Thankfully, the chocolate bars can stay the same ridiculously low price for now. Cocoa and olive oil prices will be going up, too.  

There are four flavors of coffee, eight flavors of large chocolate bars, dark and milk chocolate minis, various teas, dark hot chocolate, almonds, and extra-virgin olive oil. If you’d like other products or flavors, let me know and I’ll share the list of available products. 

Payments are made by cash or check made out to UUCE with “Equal Exchange” on the memo line. Place your payment in the tin box on the Fair-Trade table.  

The Unitarian Universalist Service Committee benefits from our purchases, advancing human rights worldwide. 

Enjoy these delicious products and thank you for supporting sustainable agriculture!  

Mary Alice Masonick 

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