First Light Meditations

First Light Meditations

A well-regarded meditative resource has come to my attention, and I want to share it with you.  All Souls New York City is one of our most successful and prestigious churches.  It was co-led for years by Rev. Forrest Church (son of Senator Frank Church) and Rev. John Buehrens (two term President of the UUA).  They co-wrote the popular A Chosen Faith:  An introduction to Unitarian Universalism.  

All Souls NYC is now led by Rev. Galen Guengerich, and this is his creation, although the meditations draw from many sources.  If you like meditations like this, the subscribe link is below.

– Rev. Leland Bond-Upson

Monday, July 19
At every moment in every person’s life there is work to be done, always work to be done, some of it small, some of it Great. The Great Work, in a sense, always has to do with healing the world, changing the world, and, as a necessary predicate to that, understanding the world. You rise every morning aware that you are called to this work. You won’t live to see it finished. But if you can’t hear it calling, you aren’t listening hard enough. It’s always calling, sometimes in a big voice, sometimes in a quiet voice. 
Tony Kushner, b. 1956

A description of the First Light Meditation can be found in Galen’s book 
The Way of Gratitude: A New Spirituality for Today.
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  1. arnetta rodgers

    Thank you for your daily meditations…They encourage personal reflection

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