Fourth Sunday Styrofoam Collection

Fourth Sunday Styrofoam Collection

The Fourth Sunday Styrofoam Collection will be on Sunday, September 26, from 12:00 to 12:30 pm in the church parking lot. 

Please separate your CLEAN food grade from your packaging foam and put them in the car with the sign for food foam or packaging foam. No Styrofoam peanuts are accepted (take those to UPS store). 

The Styrofoam collected will be taken to Dart Container Corporation in North Aurora.

Thank you for recycling!

Note: Please try to reduce your use of Styrofoam. More progressive countries have eliminated the use food grade Styrofoam. Joe and I just returned from Germany where we did not see a single Styrofoam container, dish or cup in two weeks. No plastic straws, either.
(They also compost their food waste and separate all of their recyclables. It was inspiring to see!)

Mary Alice Masonick

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