From Marj Askins, RE

Learning to be Together Again

As we enter a new phase of this pandemic (again), and plan to be back in person for our Worship and Religious Education, I am feeling some tension – and I’m sure you are too. There is a strong desire to go “back” to the way things were before the virus, and also an urgent need to figure out how we do this in a new version of the world, one where we live alongside the virus and try to mitigate its harms. As we move forward and plan, it’s clear to me that neither one of these urges are going to win out – least not completely. And that’s a good thing.

In RE, we will be taking things slowly, planning to be as safe as possible while we’re together and taking proactive steps to build community while protecting each other, and I hope the congregation approaches “re-entry” with similar care. We must take time to be careful and to be gentle with each other. There is an opportunity here to be intentional and mindful, and to learn how we will be in community with each other as we move forward. Not everything will look the same, but it will get easier with time and with practice. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone who is ready – and especially our kids and youth – back at the church in the coming weeks.

In faith

,Marj Askins, Religious Education Coordinator

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