From Our Incoming Board President – Mike Moutrie

From Our Incoming Board President – Mike Moutrie

Dear Friends,

As our new fiscal year begins, I thought it fitting that I share with you a few thoughts I have about the coming year.

First, let me start with a bit about my history with our church. I’ve been a UUCE member since 2001, coming to the Unitarian Universalism (UU) faith after 17 years as a Baha’i. During these years I’ve served on numerous committees and teams including Finance, Building, Endowment, Auction and Executive Team. Dotty Carringi and I met at UUCE and were married in our building by our long-term minister Dan Brosier. So, with this history, I decided it was time to add “Board member” to my resume.

Before looking ahead, I want to thank the recent Boards of Trustees (Boards) that have guided our community through some very difficult years, including a pandemic and the resulting loss of members and associated income. They held things together and, with the help of the Worship, Revitalization, Executive and Stewardship Teams, we’ve grown stronger, and even found new financial resources to help continue that growth. And our Treasurer and Finance Committee have streamlined many processes to ensure we make the most efficient use of our precious donations.

As I look to the coming year, I plan to give you a monthly update on what the Board is working on and the progress we’re making, especially on one of the recent survey’s top priorities, exploring the hiring of a part-time minister. My first meeting with the new Board won’t be until later this month so I don’t have anything specific to report today, but please stay tuned!

Of course, there are other items the Board will no doubt address over the coming year which we will also inform you about. I urge you to send your thoughts and comments to the Board of Trustees at, to me at, or chat with me after a Sunday service.

Thank you for the trust you’ve shown in electing me for this important work. I look forward to working with the other Board members to serve you to the best of our abilities.

In Faith,

Mike Moutrie

President, UUCE Board of Trustees

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  1. Sharon Finceh

    Thank you for stepping up, Mike! I look forward to all you ideas for the church in the upcoming year.

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