From the Board of Trustees

From the Board of Trustees

Hi everyone! 

Time for another update on what your board has been up to! 

This month the board has been focused on getting ready for the Annual Meeting on May 22nd. The meeting will be held in person in the sanctuary, and we encourage all members to attend and vote. A big part of the annual meeting is approving the budget for the year, and the finance committee has been hard at work crunching the numbers and trying to put together a balanced budget. The first budget open house was held on April 24th, and we all learned that we’re facing a major deficit going into next year. The next open house is coming up on May 8th, please attend if you’d like to learn more prior to the annual meeting. We’re also reviewing our bylaws to see if any changes need to be made, and if we find any those will be presented as well. 

The Board is required to send out the agenda and any supporting documents to all eligible voters at least 10 days prior to the meeting. In an attempt to be more environmentally friendly this year, we are going to send those documents to everyone electronically. If you would like to receive a paper copy, please let the board know as soon as possible. 

We’ve had some success finding volunteers for the board and other committees, but we are still short 1 board member and 1 endowment committee member. If you’d like any information on serving on the board or any of our committees, please feel free to contact me by phone/email/text and I’d be glad to discuss the board or any of our committees. 

As always, if you have any questions about what the board is up to please don’t hesitate to contact me! Phone 847-322-9053 or 

Steve Stultz 

Board President 

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