From the Board of Trustees

From the Board of Trustees

Hi Everyone!

It has been great finally getting to see many of you in person at our services over the past few weeks! I’d like to thank everyone involved in getting the church open and figuring out how to do services while keeping everyone safe. They all continue to meet and discuss how to improve your experience at the services. I attended the last meeting, and we did decide to continue masking for now to protect our most vulnerable congregants. The Executive Team will have their own announcement about that as well.

Since my last letter, the Board had another meeting, as well as joint meetings with other leadership teams and the Revitalization Team. We sent a proposed charter to the Revitalization Team for their review, and we’re going to be reviewing the COM committee to determine how that committee should function in a lay led church. We put together a task force to finish the employee handbook that had been started pre-covid and given to the board to review but kept getting put on the back burner. We hope to have that project completed soon. Moving forward we will be planning for the board meeting at the end of May and putting together both short term and longer-term strategic plans for the church.

One of our problem areas is finding volunteers for our church committees. We elect new board members at our annual meeting, and so far, we have been unable to find anyone that wants to volunteer to replace the board members that will roll off this year. If we can’t find someone, we are looking at having only 4 board members next year. If you’d like any information on serving on the board or any of our committees, please feel free to contact me by phone/email/text and I’d be glad to discuss the board or any of our committees.

As always, if you have any questions about what the board is up to please don’t hesitate to contact me! Phone 847-322-9053 or

Steve Stultz, Board President

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