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Bulletin Board Bounce Backs and Request.

If you send an email out on the church’s bulletin board, (distribution list) you might receive a message that a couple emails didn’t get through. 

This is the reply I received from our fabulous IT Team regarding this concern… 

Comcast is blocking some of Microsoft’s email servers due to spam reports, most likely.  Not much we can do about it except to ask our distribution list members to ensure messages are reported as “not spam” (and someone would have to research how that is done for each email provider).

There are over 120 folks on the email distribution list, so it’s a very small number that bounce back. Please make sure you put the bulletin board address in your email addresses and check your spam and mark any bulletin board email in your spam not spam even if you are not a Comcast customer and use another mail provider. 

Thank you. 

Mila Brinker, Church Administrator

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