From the Executive Team (ET)

From the Executive Team (ET)

Greetings from the Executive Team

Let me begin by saying WELCOME BACK! I think I can confidently say, on behalf of the entire Executive Team, that it is wonderful to see folks return to our prairie cathedral for in-person worship again. To those who attend via Zoom, we are certainly delighted to have you with us too as we work to improve the online experience with live-streaming of worship from the sanctuary (with upgraded equipment thanks to the generosity of Alice Macy and the Hanifls).

I have been grateful to serve on the ET for just over a year and what an interesting year it has been! Much of our time and attention, along with the Reopening Team, has been focused on following public health data and UUA guidance with the goal of reopening. The health and safety of our beloved community has, of course, been first and foremost in our considerations.

But wait! There’s more! The ET has a wide range of responsibilities, most of which are about day-to-day business of keeping UUCE going. Some of the things we do include managing and supervising staff and volunteers, tending to the needs of our building and working in concert with other teams and committees (e.g.: Worship, Finance, The Board, RE, Music, Stewardship… the list goes on).

In addition to our regular monthly meetings, we have recently been holding Joint Leadership Team Meetings with Board members and the Revitalization Team, to facilitate improved communications across our organizational strata. Our aim is to support each other and promote the well-being of our community.

Who are we? The Executive Team is comprised of Mike Moutrie (chair), Mary Harlos, myself, plus Mila Brinker (Admin), Marj Askins (RE) and Chelsea Musson (Music and Worship). There is currently an opening for another member. If you might be interested in another way to contribute your own voice to the future of UUCE, this could be your opportunity! To inquire about joining the ET or for any questions or concerns you may have, please reach out to

Once again, WELCOME BACK!

In faith,

Steve Askins, Executive Team

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