From the Revitalization Team

From the Revitalization Team

Hello all!

The Revitalization Team has been busy! In March, several members of our team attended ‘A Second Slice of Pi’, which was a virtual conference held by the UUA for small congregations. It was great to get together to share ideas with others that are having some of the same challenges as UUCE, and hear some fresh perspectives on how we can be more efficient and effective moving forward. Alongside this, the Revitalization Team has had several meetings with other leadership teams to see where our leadership gaps are as we adjust into being a lay led congregation, and come up with a plan to address those going forward.

Also in March, we resumed on-site services! Mike Moutrie and the Executive Team did a fantastic job updating our computer and audio-visual hardware so that the live-streamed services on Zoom are much more professional. As we go on, the Reopening Team is continuing to monitor the Covid situation and work with the Worship Team to refine and improve both the onsite and online experience. As of last week, on-site attendees now have the option of going to the microphone for Joys and Concerns.

The Revitalization Team is also planning social activities. In April, it was a Family Movie Night. Stephen Day showed Big Hero 6 at the church, and there was also an online streaming option for those with a Disney+ account. It was a success, and everyone who attended had a lot of fun! If you are reading this and have an idea for a fun social activity, either onsite, online, or both, please let us know!

After our first on-site service on March 20, Todd Underwood used his drone to take a picture of everyone in attendance, and through the magic of technology, was also able to incorporate online attendees that chose to participate. The finished result is hanging in the gallery near the elevators on the second floor. Please stop by and take a look the next time you are in the building!

One final note – Steve Stultz mentioned this in last week’s Letter from Leadership, but it’s worth mentioning again – almost every team/committee at UUCE could use more members. If you have time to spare, please consider volunteering. I was approached to join the Board of Trustees three years ago, and saying yes to that really, truly deepened my connection to the church. I have made a lot of new friends, developed some leadership skills, and found my way onto other teams and committees. I feel that there is nothing stronger in this world than a community, both as a personal support network and a force for greater change. It takes a lot of work to build and maintain a community, but it is a wonderful investment.

– Erica Lavine, on behalf of the Revitalization Team (

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