From the Revitalization Team

From the Revitalization Team

Hello Friends,

Earlier in the year, the Revitalization Team, Board of Trustees, and Executive Team joined forces for a Joint Leadership Task Force. The main activity of this task force was to look at how the church was functioning as a lay-led congregation. We came up with a long list of activities that a minister normally leads or is involved in and discussed where we thought we had gaps and what priorities we should work on. One of the things that had room for improvement was communication overall – communication between groups, and between the leadership teams and the congregation. From that, we started this newsletter (Letters from Leadership), the Board has resumed doing the Trustee of the Day at services, and we also decided to resume the Council of Chairs meetings.

The first Council of Chairs meeting was held last month. There were about 6 different church groups represented by the people that attended. We talked about the work done by the Joint Leadership Team, other areas that we felt had opportunities to improve, and then checked in and discussed how the teams were functioning and if we had any sticking points or problems. There was a lot of benefit to gathering together – along with being able to provide some fresh perspectives on issues that other teams face, it was nice to form deeper connections by showing up for each other, and share a laugh (and some snacks). I would like to continue to hold these meetings quarterly – the next one is TBD, but I will be scheduling it soon.

Thank you for your continued dedication to UUCE – one common thread that I see throughout all of the different teams, committees, and people doing work solo is love for our community, and a drive to strengthen that community. Our congregation has weathered a lot of storms in the last few years, and we’ve done that by sticking together.

-Erica Lavine, on behalf of the Revitalization Team

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